1. Nuzlocke Update

    Time to challenge Jasmine!  I decided not to level anymore, so all my pokemon are level 30, except for Anshar, who is at level 31.  The 2 magnemites were easy to take down, only used Adad for the both of them.  The first one paralyzed Adad, but didnt do any damage, keot trying to use supersonic after that, failing the whole time, while I Thunderpunched it to death.  The 2nd one hit me with a few Sonic Booms, and did manage to confuse Adad, but Adad’s a smarty, and didnt hit itself a single time, and Thunderpunched that one to death also.  Next was the dreaded Steelix.  I put in Agnib, and did a small amount of damage with double kicks, taking it down to about 50% before it finally hit me with an Iron tail, bringing her down to 15 health, so I switched her out for Anshar.  I then proceeded to put Steelix to sleep, and take Steelix down to about 15% health.  At that point, I decided to switch Anshar out for Abmul.  As soon as I switched he was hit with an Iron Tail, taking Abmul from 104hp, down to 85.  All Abmul had to do at this point was use a Dragon Rage, and Steelix went down!  I gladly accepted my hard earned Mineral Badge, and TM23(Iron Tail).

    So with that out of the way, it’s time to head back to Ecruteak, and make my way to Mahogany Town!

    The next update, I think will be once I get up to the Lake of Rage.